You’re Not Supposed to Understand the Federal Reserve


It’s a well-written paper that shows why FED decisions are very important even we do not understand how exactly it works. Actually, FED, in other words FOMC’s decisions have more important role in  emerging market economies than it has in the US. I’m hoping that I will have time to write something on this regards. Anyway, it seems better idea reading this article instead of waiting me… :)


Istanbul and London or IstanbuLondon


There is no doubt Istanbul  and London are the most popular cities in the world. These cities offer lots of opportunities to their settlement such as historical, cultural and entertainment opportunities. That`s why more than ten millions people choose to live there. A comparison of different features of Istanbul and London reveals several similarities like historical background, cultural and educational opportunities but many differences such as living costs and population.

A major similarity between Istanbul and London is historical features. At first glance, if anyone takes a walk around these cities, he or she will be able to see undoubtedly a great number of historical places.  First of all, I would like to begin with their establishment dates. In 5000 BC Istanbul was established by Byzas, who was a Greek colonist; similarly London was founded in 100BC by the Romans. For these reasons Istanbul and London have different exciting palaces, government buildings, mosques and cathedrals. Two examples of these palaces are Topkapı Palace in Istanbul and Buckingham Palace in London. These two buildings were the center of government of the states. Besides of palaces for instance, Istanbul has Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which is called the “blue mosque” in western countries, also London has St Paul`s Cathedral, which is an Anglican Cathedral. Both sacred places are very popular and every year million of tourists do not leave the cities without visiting these places. Moreover Istanbul was one of the oldest capital cities in history of respectively, the Ottoman Empire for almost six hundred years and the Byzantine Empire (other name eastern Roman Empire) for nearly one thousand years. Okumaya devam…